Monday, August 27, 2012

Tips, Tips, and More Tips

The tips I learned at the Providence Regional were great.  There were several demonstrators from the east coast who made presentations.  They were wonderful.  I did not know you could stamp on cello bags.  The long thin bags look great stamped with black Stazon ink.  If you add a topper and some candy it would make a great Halloween treat.

I also did not know you can take ink directly from one of Stampin' Up!'s markers using a blender pen.  It gives a nice watercolor effect.  You should layer it on then use the marker directly on top of it.  Go back with the blender pen one last time and blend the color.

Deb Valder was one of the presenters.  I remember her name because she was fabulous.  She talked a mile a minute because she had so much to share and so little time.  Her first tip was to use dental floss between the layers of "Snailed" card stock if you placed them on crooked.  Place the dental floss between the layers and gently pull down.  Wow is that easy.  I usually take out my heat tool and heat up the back to loosen the adhesive.  Her way is easier!  Her other tips were to gently sand off stray ink with the sanding block.  I haven't tried that yet but you know I will.  And last but not least, use a parmesan cheese container to store your linen thread.  Place it in the jar and carefully find the beginning of the thread from the center and put it through one of the holes.  You know what I am buying on my next trip to WalMart?  Oh, her very last tip was if you are stamping away and it is lunchtime, you can use your heat tool to melt the cheese on your sandwich.  Instant panni sandwich!!
I am not going to try that!


  1. This makes me chuckle! Deb was a hoot and seriously she did talk a mile a minute she had So much to share with so little time! So I thank you for recalling the dental floss tip, just the other day I adhered a layer that was crooked, I decided to see if I could lift it to save, forgot about her tip!

    1. I got 2 of these containers and put my Bakers' Twine in the second.