Sunday, February 9, 2014

Best Made Plans......

Well..... I should have known that chances were pretty good that things might not go as planned.  First the tiler cancelled because the grout was not in.  The next day we got a major snowstorm.  I give the tiler credit.  He did come eventually that day- snow and all!  He left, got all the materials, then came back.  That left half a day to move furniture and rip up carpet.  He did get a couple of rows down before leaving.  The following day he got it all down and on Friday grouted the whole floor.  Once he left, my husband and I were admiring it when my husband suggested the room be painted since the room was mostly empty.  While I agreed with his observation, this was not planned.  So I have spent the weekend painting the room, 3 bookcases, and my coffee table.  Now that I am totally exhausted, I will wait until tomorrow to slowly put everything back in my room.  Stay tuned for more  updates.

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