Sunday, March 23, 2014


UNDEFINED was introduced at last year's Convention.  I thought the whole idea of making your own stamp was intriguing but was not overly interested.  Fast forward to November. 

The principal of the school where I teach developed an idea for reaching those students whom academics in the traditional sense had not worked.  Last year he had hermit crabs and one of my students was responsible for caring them.  It was amazing how this chore became so important to this child and gave him purpose.  This year he decided we needed a greenhouse.  Not just any greenhouse but one large enough to hold an entire class- 24' by 48'.  He named it the Living Classroom.  Fund raising began this Fall.  Donations to raise the $65,000 began to come in.  Thank you notes were sent out and consisted of a computer based design, on computer paper,  folded, and a short note included.  When I saw them I decided we could do better.  It has taken several months to get a design together, the stamp carved, and finally a card made.  Stay tune to see some of the designs!

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