Saturday, October 20, 2012


Whoops!!! I forgot to post.  I thought I had more scheduled than I did.  It has been a busy week.

Here it is completed.  I am not always pleased with projects when they are finished.  However, I am very pleased with this.  It was packed and shipped to my daughter last weekend and she got it on Monday.  I was shocked due to the fact it took 10 days for her birthday card to reach her mailbox.  I went back and changed out some of the boxes in the one I made last year and am now happier with my own.  I guess every year it would be fairly simple to take one scene out and change it around to freshen it up.

Some of my customers are not big Halloween fans, imagine that!  They have asked me to create a Christmas one.  I think that will be fun to make and I hope to start on it tomorrow.

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